Q: How much does a private pitching lesson cost?

A: The standard private pitching lesson is 45 minutes and cost $60.  Please contact me personally for group rates or if you are interested in sessions over one hour.

Q: When can we schedule a private pitching lesson?

A: I am available every Saturday and Sunday (unless I take off for some exotic land for the weekend).  Hurry up and schedule your private pitching lesson before I'm all booked up!

Q: Where are the private pitching lessons located?

A: Moscone Recreation Fields (Marina) are open to the public and our private pitching lesson can take place on any patch of grass.  I am also taking on clients in the East Bay and as of now I can dedicate a day to schedule lessons at the Montclair Baseball/Softball Fields in the Upper Montclair district of Oakland. 

Q: What is included in a private pitching lesson?

A: I was the never the stand-out prospect.  I had to work my tail off in high school, college, and the professional levels to make an impact.  I know what it takes to make dreams a reality, playing in the San Francisco Giants organization was the apex of my playing career.  

From a very young age I was taught the correct physiological mechanics that laid the foundation for a healthy arm throughout my career. I never had any arm issues and understand how to put the body the in right position for maximal output with being injury preventative.  I went from 85MPH in high school to 94MPH in the minor leagues.  Many people talk about hard work and sacrifice, but I truly lived it.  Born without the gift of the million-dollar arm, I had to outwork and be more dedicated than all my peers to make it to the professional level. 

I provide warmup routines, mechanical drills, strength suggestions, and mental toughness for each pitcher.  I also touch on health & nutrition for maximum performance. 

Q: What is your experience? 

A: I was fortunate enough to play at a very high level throughout my career and was awarded with leadership and performance awards along the way. I was also mentored by the very best coaches along the way. I believe that not one specific coach has all the right answers, rather a player must absorb and understand all coaching techniques theories and figure out for themselves the correct combination and what works best.  Whether it'd be mental (80% of the game is between the ears!), physical, or a combination of both, I was lucky enough to have some very bright brains and outstanding men in the game of baseball tutor me throughout my career.    

  • 3 Years Minor League Baseball - Arizona Diamondbacks & San Francisco Giants
  • 4 Years Division I - Lehigh University 
  • 3 Years High School Varsity - Stevenson School
  • Alaskan Baseball League - 2008
  • California Collegiate League - 2006/2007
  • Goodwill Games - Australia 2005
  • 2010 Captain of Lehigh University Baseball Team
  • 2010 Patriot League 1st Team - Pitcher
  • Patriot League Academic Honor Roll
  • 3x Dean's List  - Lehigh University 

Q:  Do you have any references?

A:  I have been giving private pitching lessons in the east bay on-and-off for the past 3 years (during the "off-season").  References available upon request.